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Chlamydia Test, Device
Manufacturer: Standard Diagnostics, Inc.

SD Bioline - ISO Certificate
SD Bioline chlamydia test procedure
Chlamydia Test, Device

Chlamydia trachomatis is a bacterium which causes a sexually transmitted infection(STI). Chlamydia is very common disease, which should be taken very seriously. The most worrying effect of a chlamydial infection in women is that of potential fertility problems (PID, infertility, etc.), due to inflammation of the fallopian tubes or cervix. The disease is particularly common among young people. 

        Product Composition:

    ■ SD BIOLINE Chlamydia test device
    ■ Reagent A ( Extraction solution)
    ■ Reagent B (Neutralization solution)                 
    ■ Sterile swabs and transport tubes
    ■ Disposable droppers


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